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Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) Integrated Public Financial Management Reform ProgrammeVacancy Notices
Apr 20, 2009, 12:06
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Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL)
Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Programme


Background Information

The GoSL has over the years been supported by a number of development partners in its PFM reforms, in particular, UK-DFID European Commission, World Bank (IDA) and African Development Bank. However, this support has been fragmented and lacking in coherence and comprehensiveness. These aid agreements come to an end March 31, 2009.

The GoSL has developed a comprehensive program of PFM reform the Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Program (IPFMRP) which encompasses core PFM reforms focused on budget management, to be implemented by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED), National Public Procurement Authority, Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) and by the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) and also includes scrutiny of public finances by the Parliament and Non-State Actors.

The GoSL has requested joint development partner (DP) support for the implementation of the core PFM reforms.

In view of the above, the Government seeks to competitively recruit highly qualified and experienced professional staff in key positions as outlined below. All positions are restricted to Sierra Leone nationals at home and overseas.


Job Description for Post of Director, Public Financial Management Reform Programme


1.   Since the end of the civil war in January 2002, Sierra Leone has made strong progress in building peace, achieving macro-economic stability, re-establishing democratic institutions, strengthening core systems and bringing decisions and resources closer to citizens through a significant decentralization process. Growth has a averaged 7.7% in the last five years. In September 2007, the opposition party won Presidential and Parliament elections, which was followed by a peaceful transfer of power. This was a major achievement in the democratic development of the country.
2.   The Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) is preparing a new poverty reduction strategy to set the direction and priorities for the new administration. A key concern will be the maintenance and acceleration of economic growth. Significant emphasis is also being made to improving governance. Within this, the effective functioning of public financial management (PFM) institutions and systems at central and local levels of government in Sierra Leone has been identified as a high priority, given the importance of PFM to the implementation of the poverty reduction strategy, to reducing opportunities for corruption, and to attract budget support assistance from the development partners (DPs).
3.   To date, the GoSL has made significant and rapid progress in strengthening its public financial management framework and systems, implementing almost all the 2002 Country Financial Accountability Assessment (CFAA) recommendations. This has been aided by the World Bank (through the Institutional Reform and Capacity Building Project) and technical assistance from the European Commission (EC), UK Department for International Development (DFID), and the African Development Bank (AfDB). Major achievements include establishment of the legal and regulatory framework for budgeting, accountability and procurement, implementation of an integrated financial management information system (IFMIS) in the Accountant General’s Department in 2005 with roll out to eight ministries, department and agencies (MDAs) by 2008, removal of the backlog of annual financial statements (the 2007 accounts were produced within four months of the year end), and establishment of basic budgeting, procurement and accounting procedures in the local councils.
4.   As a result, the 2007 Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment scores for Sierra Leone were similar to the average for other countries in the region, despite the very low starting point at the end of the civil war. The PEFA assessment was conducted early in 2007. Since then, budget credibility hit a low point, while the timeliness of financial statements and audit report has improved. This and other analyses indicate that areas of major weakness remain, especially the lack of budget credibility and predictability, fiscal management challenges, weaknesses in expenditure control (including payroll), and low levels of transparency; and that much needs to be done to move from a system functioning at a rudimentary level to one that is able to direct resources to priority areas and support high quality expenditure outcomes. These weaknesses were highlighted by the major shortfalls in revenue and the disruption to expenditure that occurred during budget implementation in 2007. The challenges are compounded by the current reliance on DP-funded Sierra Leonean contract staff for manyline functions in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED).
5.   The GoSL has been supported by a number of  development partners in its PFM reforms, in particular, UK-DFI, European Commission, World Bank (IDA and African Development Bank. However, this support has been fragmented and lacking in coherence and comprehensiveness. These aid agreements mostly come to an end by March 31 2009.
6.   The GoSL has developed a comprehensive programme of PFM reform the Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Program (IPFMRP). This includes (IPFMRP). This includes (i) core PFM reforms, focused on budget management, to be implemented by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED), National Public Procurement Authority, and by the spending ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs); this also includes scrutiny of public finances by the Parliament and Non-State Actors, (ii) revenue administration reforms, to be implemented by the National Revenue Authority, and (iii) external audit strengthening to be implemented by the Audit Service of Sierra Leone.
7.   The GoSL has requested joint development partner(DP) support for the implementation of the core PFM reforms. At the request of the GoSL and the DPs, the World Bank has taken the role of coordinating through the joint DP support to the core components of the next phase of reform as defined in the IPFMRP. Separate support will be provided by UK –DFID to the IPFMRP components to be implemented by the National Revenue Authority and Audit Service.



8. The Director, PFM Reform, is a new post being created by the GoSL within MoFED to provide technical guidance and support to the Financial Secretary (FS) on the planning and implementation of all PFM reforms. This is a continuing function, not limited to the duration of the IPFMRP.

9. The initial responsibility of the Director will be to advise the Financial Secretary on the establishment of the Directorate, including its organization and staffing, job description, operating procedures, etc.

10. The continuing responsibilities of the Director will be to:

·    Undertakes strategic analysis of reform options in order to advise the FS
·    Monitor implementation and drawn recommendations for development of all PFM reform programs
·    Liaise with stakeholders and other implementing agencies of the reform (Accountant General’s Department, Internal Audit Department, Budget Bureau, NPPA, Parliament etc)
·    Coordinate annual work planning, reporting, and monitoring and evaluate in accordance with agreed formats
·    Consolidate and deliver progress reports to MoFED management, Oversight Committed members, implementing agencies and DPs
·    Provide secretariat services to the Oversight Committee, including prompt dissemination of minutes following each meeting
·    Undertaker regular liaison with DPs
·    Facilitate joint GoSL/DP review missions and the mid-term review of IPFMRP
·    Coordinate the on-going IFMIS implementation
·    Coordinate the financial management development of key Local Councils Officials.
·    Monitor the execution of the capacity building strategy for the development of Public Financial Management officials in MoFED and MDAs
·    Evaluate progress annually based on an internal PEFA assessment
·    Manage the staff of the Directorate.



·    Advanced academic or professional qualification in Accountancy, Economic or Business Administration
·    Minimum of 12 years of experience in financial management in public of private organization, enterprises of projects, at least 8 of which must be spent in a senior capacity
·    Sound knowledge and previous proven experience in the execution of PFM reform project in developing countries
·    Knowledge of [EF reforms in Sierra Leone is highly desirable
·    Experience in IFMIS implementation in Africa
·    Experience in Local Councils operations in West Africa
·    Proven competence in the use of computer software application including accounting software, spreadsheets and word-processing
·    Excellent English language skills-both verbal and written
·    Minimum age 35 years



The effective date of this employment id 1st July 2009

Closing date: 31st May 2009



The Director, PFM Reform, will report to the Financial Secretary





All posts are advertised on an equal opportunity basis and qualified women and men are encouraged to apply.



Attractive salaries and conditions of service will be offered to the successful candidate.  



In all cases, contracts will be for one year initially, subject to annual review with a possibility of renewal.



Applications in writing including up-to-date CV’s supporting documents, and the names and addresses of two professional referees should be addressed to:



The Financial Secretary

C/o The Principal Deputy Financial Secretary

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

8th Floor, Ministerial Building

George Street, Freetown


Email application as attachment to:

Please indicate the post for which application is made clearly on the envelope or in the email 

For more information, see website

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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