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NEWS : Politics  

Abass Bundu cannot turn Gbinti to Green says Hon Ibrahim Bundu a Sierra Leone Parliamentarian
By Sayoh Kamara
Dec 10, 2005, 18:16
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Competent sources within the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice have revealed to Awareness Times that due to new convincing evidence that the government has in its possession, Dr. Abass Bundu has been completely exonerated from the charge of larceny of the proceeds from the sales of Sierra Leonean passports.


Meanwhile, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu, the younger brother of Dr. Abass Bundu who is the APC's Opposition MP for the Gbinti area has stated categorically to Awareness Times newspaper that Abass Bundu’s claim that Abass Bundu can turn Gbinti and the whole of Port Loko from APC (red) to SLPP (green) is wrong. 

Hon. Ibrahim Bundu: Opposition MP for Port Loko North East II (Gbinti)

“Dr. Abass Bundu is my elder brother and I have to show him respect but I can assure you that Abass is seriously miscalculating the political tempo in Port Loko right now. Our people are APC and at the next elections; they will all vote APC en masse. Abass cannot turn Gbinti to Green.” Hon. Ibrahim Bundu stated.


Hon. Ibrahim Bundu who flew in from Washington DC to contest the May 2002 Parliamentary elections under the APC banner, easily won the former seat of Dr. Abass Bundu in Port Loko North East despite formidable SLPP financial clout utilised against him. However, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu now stands accused by supporters of Dr. Abass Bundu of only having won because he used Abass Bundu’s name to campaign.


However, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu who is reported to have been the Campaign Manager for Dr. Abass Bundu in the eighties says that all he did when he came back home from America in the year 2002, was to apply the same strategy that he used to apply for his elder brother in the eighties which made his brother win those elections.

Meanwhile, amidst growing condemnation of him over the passport scandal, Dr. Abass Bundu is scheduled to hold a Press Conference this Monday December 12th at 11:00am at the headquarters of the Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) where it is believed that he will address the matter of the exonerative evidence against him

Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu of the ruling SLPP wishes to reclaim his Port Loko North East II seat from his younger brother, Ibrahim Bundu in 2007

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