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The G7 Christian Gospel Musicians in Sierra Leone
By Awareness Times
Jan 31, 2006, 12:55
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We are profiling this youthful Gospel musical Group inorder to highlight the calibre of the the people who are behind its latest success in the field of music. Apart from the sweet melodies and captivating rhythmes, the potential of this group using music to preach the words of God is an indication of the change in attitude of most Sierra Leonean youths from that of trouble-makers to one of reflection and initiative. Read on and be inspired:

Seven, normally referred to as G7 is a young, dynamic, vibrant and visionary musical group that was born some four years ago. It is made up of seven regular/permanent members (thus the name G7) and four reserves bringing the number to eleven. The vision of G7 started with Arthur Pratt who later at an Assemblies of God youth camp in December 2000 shared his vision with other youths. Gradually other vision bearers were co-opted. They started off with regular prayer sessions, seeking the face of the Lord for further direction and in 2002 they had their first musical concert at the Miatta Conference centre in Freetown.


During the past two years, they have organized Praise concerts which have helped in making them known to the public as a young but very promising group. During the 2004 Praise Concert, they did two singles- I love Sierra Leone and Let Africa be sweet which warned the hearts of their audience.

In December 2005, they released to the public their debut album titled "if you will believe." The album is made up of 11 tracks ranging from reggae to African beat to R&B. The lead song If you will believe is aimed at challenging those who doubt the power of the God. It reassures the almightiness and supremacy of the most high God. Other tracks on the album include:

I love you, donít walk away from me - Many arenít aware of the fact that Jesus Christ can be a personal lover and that he cares for mankind so much that he left with us the Holy Spirit. This song reemphasizes the true meaning of the love of Jesus on the cross.

Africa be sweet- The continent of Africa is a beautiful one, but a lot of Africans hardly appreciate this fact. It calls to the fact that, despite all that Africa has gone through, God is going to pour his blessing in such a way that African will be sweet. It is a song of Hope. It confesses positively.

I love Sierra Leone - A lot of negatives have been said about Sierra Leone in the past and most unfortunately by Sierra Leoneans themselves. A song like this which talks about the glory and goodness of God to this country will help in re-orientating peopleís mind about Sierra Leone. It talks about the resources of this country, how we need to utilize it well, putting aside corruption, nepotism tribalism etc.

These young men who came together under the umbrella of G7 have the sole purpose of using their God-given talent in an oranized and professional manner to bring glory and honor to God. All of the songs in this album where written by members themselves through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

G7 is also looking forward to getting involved in some sort of social development locally. In light of the above, 3% of proceeds from this launching is going towards addressing the plight of disadvantaged children in society. They consider social invention of this sort as a core value.

This group like the disciples in the Bible though coming from different backgrounds blend well in giving the team a unique outlook and output.

Arthur Pratt works for the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) as Finance Assistant, but also pursuing further studies in accountancy. He is a member of the Evangel Assemblies of God church. He serves as leader for the group, a song composer, backup and lead vocalist.

Vandi Siafa is a member of the Joy Assemblies of God-Church. He is a graduating student of Accounting from Fourah Bay College. He is a founding member of the group. He is a keyboardist, basss guitarist, sings in A lot and is the groupís music Director. He also serves

Sulaiman Sesay works for the Lutheran World Federation/World Service (LWF/WS) as Admin and Finance Assistant and is based in Kenema. He is also a founding member of the group. He plays the keyboard and sings in Tenor and Main. He is the groupís scribe.

Sullay is also a song writer and composer. He is happily married to Mariatu and will be a father soon.

John Konteh works with ABC/TV as News Reader and Presenter, John a founding member of the group, skillfully plays the drums, Rhythm and Base Guitar. He also helps out with the playing of the Keyboard. He is a song writer, composer and is the groupís technical specialist in sound mixing and vocal production.

Reginald Smith is a Final Honours I Civil Engineering student at Fourah Bay College and a member of the Christian Life Era Ministry. He is a backup main vocalist. Heís been with the group for about a year running. Presently he is the Sales Director at the Cape Alue Ferox Worldwide Inc.

Steve Garnett works for the Environmental Foundation of Africa (EFA) as Information Assistant. He is the main keyboardist in the group and second alto singer. He also serves the group in the capacity of Ag. Admin Secretary. Has been with the group for about a year. Uncle Steve as he is fondly called by group members is a member of the Flaming Evangelical Ministries. He is happily married to Kate with a son - Judah.

Emmanuel Duncan is a student of Business Studies and Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM). He sings in Alto, plays Bass and Rhythm Guitar. Has also been with the group for a year. Currently, he is the President of the Good News Assembly of God Church Youth Fellowship.

Michael Scale who is temporarily based in Accra, Ghana where he is pursuing further studies in Information Technology joined the group a year ago. He plays the seven-drum for the group and also worth noting is that he won the 2004 award for the best gospel Seven-drummer in Sierra Leone.

Alton Pratt is the groupís first reservist. He is a geologist by profession working for the Sierra Leone Diamond Company based in Kabala. Alton, who has a lot of experience in music, plays the valuable role as critique for the group. He has made significant contribution to gospel music in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Gambia. He is also a member of the Kingdom Brethren musical group.

The group has actually been operating since its inception by faith. They are strongly encouraged by the fact that when God gives a vision, He makes the provision. Because this group is of God, it has stood the test of times. The task has been challenging but they have learnt to face every challenging moment head long, because of the fulfillment they get from what they are convinced is their ministry.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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