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Latest Update from Sierra Leone's Local Government Elections
Jul 6, 2008, 20:46
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The Opposition Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) has swept the elections in virtually its entire South Eastern base except for Kono where the ruling All People's Congress (APC) has won both the Town Mayorship and the District Chairmanship. Late Breaking News also indicates that the APC has one one seat in Tongo Fields, Kenema District, by a slim margin over the SLPP Candidate.
The very strong showing of the SLPP all over their strongholds including even former PMDC bastions like the Bo Shell-Mingo area, is an indication that Sierra Leone is even more sharply divided along regional lines than ever before. The political scene in Sierra Leone is now APC versus SLPP. The PMDC, to all intents and purposes, is no longer a factor in Sierra Leone except in the small township of Bonthe. Aside the township, SLPP controlled every other part of Bonthe Mainland including the District Chairmanship. In the other former PMDC stronghold of Pujehun District, even the boastful and loud Moijue Kaikai contesting for  chairmanship of Pujehun under the PMDC woefully lost to his much quieter SLPP rival, Saddiq Sillah.
Meanwhile, as expected, the ruling APC has virtually swept the elections in Port Loko, Bombali and Tonkolili Districts and they have easily won control of the District Councils of Koinadugu and Kambia.
In the Western Area, there are mixed reports of the SLPP making a surprising show in some areas like Lumley where SLPP candidate, Alhaji Barrie, a former driver at the Ministry of Health, has reportedly emerged victorious over his APC rival. A few other areas have also reported SLPP wins in the Western Area but the vast majority of the Western Area has once again fallen to the APC with Herbert George Williams emerging as the next Mayor of Freetown City Council.
However, aside of Kono and Tongo fields, in the entire South and East of Sierra Leone, the APC has performed dismally. In Kailahun District, SLPP's Tom Nyuma is the definite winner of the Chairmanship as he solidly trounced his APC rival Solomon Musa in 399 out of 401 polling stations. Even in the Bunumbu hometown of Musa, Tom Nyuma beat him with an excess of 2,000 votes to Musa's own 900 votes. It was only in Bunumbu that Musa even had much of a showing. Everywhere else, it was Nyuma fever as the people voted massively for SLPP. Also, it was only in the Kissi border area that an Independent candidate emerged victorious as a Local Councillor. All the 28 other seats were won by SLPP aspirants.
Meanwhile, readers can visit the pro-APC Cocorioko Website  or readers can visit the pro-SLPP New People Website for more News Updates.  Whilst visiting these websites, please keep in mind that all news published on Cocorioko is heavily slanted in favour of the APC whilst all news published on New People is heavily slanted in favour of the SLPP.

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