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Sierra Leone Airport Authority Expressions Of Interest For The Concessioning of Ground Handling Services at the Freetown International Airport, Lungi,
Jul 28, 2008, 13:03
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                               SIERRA LEONE AIRPORT AUTHORITY
Invitation for Expressions of Interest for

The Concessioning of Ground Handling Services at the Freetown International Airport, Lungi, Sierra Leone


Background of SLAA

SLAA, which was established by the SLAA Act No. 8 of 1988, is wholly owned by GoSL. The Act enables SLAA to operate and manage the Freetown International Airport and levy user charges for the purpose of generating revenue to sustain the commercial nature of its operations. Currently, there are eight scheduled international airline operators using the airport. Average annual aircraft movements for the airport including both schedule and unscheduled flights for the period 2003 to 2007 are 2,860. Average annual passenger throughput for the same period is 128,729 and average cargo throughput per annum is 1,690,641 Kgs. Additional traffic is generated by domestic users, non-scheduled traffic, helicopter services operating between Lungi and Freetown and by UN flights.

Freetown International Airport is the only gateway airport of Sierra Leone. The Airport is situated at Lungi, on the Bullom Peninsular, which is about 13.5 Km by road from the ferry terminal at Targrin point. Targrin point is separated from the Freetown Peninsular by a body of water that is five nautical miles at its narrowest point at Kissy Dockyard in Freetown. The ferry takes about 45 minutes between the Targrin point and the Kissy ferry terminal. Alternative means of accessing the airport from the city of Freetown are by helicopter shuttle service, hovercraft or by road.

The World Bank, under the Infrastructure Development Project (IDP) is funding a programme for the rehabilitation of infrastructure and equipment at the Freetown International Airport. The rehabilitation programme entails the resurfacing of the runway, including the widening of the runway turning loops and taxiways; Improvement to the electricity and water supplies, and; replacement of navigational aids and control tower communications equipment. These rehabilitations and upgrades are aimed at attracting additional traffic at the airport.

Request for Expressions of Interest

The SLAA is now seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified firms or consortia to manage the ground handling services at Lungi airport on an exclusive basis under a concession agreement for a period of 5 years (“the opportunity”). Firms that meet the pre-qualification criteria described below will be entitled to receive the full tender package, undertake their own due diligence investigations of the operations at Lungi, and will be invited to submit technical and financial bids to operate the ground handling services at Freetown International Airport. The bidding process will be as follows:

(i) Expressions of Interest (EOI) are being solicited by this advertisement which invites potential operators and investors (“interested parties”) to express interest in the opportunity. Such interested parties can express interest either alone or in a consortium with partners;

(ii) Pre-qualification to be conducted in accordance with the National Public Procurement Guidelines. In order to pre-qualify, interested parties will have to meet the pre-qualification criteria set out below:

(a) Requisite technical, operational and managerial experience in providing ground handling services in the developing world, with relevant examples of ground handling assignments conducted in the past five years (weighting of 70%).

(b) Evidence of financial strength to manage the ground handling services concession, including copies of the firm’s audited financial statements for the previous five years (weighting of 30%).

(iii) Interested parties that pre-qualify are required to purchase the tender package at a cost of US$ 1,000 and will be allowed to conduct due diligence and submit technical and financial bids.

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Expressions of interest (EOI) must be delivered in sealed envelopes, or by email attachment to the address below by 1200 hours GMT on Friday 29th August 2008.

The Acting General Manager

Sierra Leone Airport Authority

15 Rawdon Street

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Telephone: +232 22 223881/224653

Fax:             +232 22 339158


Request for Clarifications should be submitted to:

The Acting General Manager

Sierra Leone Airport Authority

15 Rawdon Street

Freetown, Sierra Leone

 Telephone: +232 22 223881/224653

                                   Fax: +232 22 339158


© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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