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May 17, 2010, 13:45
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IDA GRANT NO.: H191-SL, H406-SL & CR4469-SL

Request For Expression of Interest For The Provision Of Technical Assistance (TA) Services To The Infrastructure Development Project In The Area Of a Procurement Specialist

1. Introduction

This invitation for the expression of interest follows the general procurement notice for this project that appeared in the development business on 27th June, 2005.

2. Background

The Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone has received a Grant from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of the Infrastructure Development Project (IDP) and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant for the payment under the contract for a procurement specialist to manage procurement activities of the IDP.
The IDP consists of four (4) components, namely:

1. Component A: Road Infrastructure and Management. This includes the rehabilitation/reconstruction of two segments of the primary core road network, Bo-Kenema (69 km) and Makeni-Matotoka (37 km), as well as approximately 400 km of feeder roads in the "access poor" districts of Kailahun, Kono, Koinadugu, and Bonthe, to be selected on a priority basis to provide all-weather access from the core primary network to the rural areas to achieve maximum impact on food security and poverty reduction. This component also supports reform and restructuring of the road sector which will include technical assistance, establishment of an independent Road Maintenance Fund with an autonomous Board, reorganization of Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), and review of management structure of user charge collection and business scope o f Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority (SLRTA).

The two primary project roads are major links in the countryís East-West primary core road network, the Makeni-Matotoka road being part o f the Northern link and the Bo-Kenema part o f the Southern link. Traditionally, these two east-west axes have provided the most basic connection between Freetown and the rest o f the country, from which most o f the remaining primary and secondary roads emanate. A key element o f Governmentís strategy is to restore these essential links as a fundamental basis for enabling the delivery of health, education and administrative support activities throughout the country, addressing food security through access to agricultural extension, inputs and markets and achieving national integration.

2. Component B: Freetown Port Infrastructure and Management. In line with an Action Plan for Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) conversion to landlord port status and privatization of core activities, this component includes the expansion of the paved container stacking area, plus specialized equipment to contribute to meeting internationally recognized environmental and safety standards (particularly related to navigational aids, oil spills, waste management and safety and security management). The IDP supports the implementation o f the Action Plan, involving: (i) concessioning the container terminal and licensing the bulk handling operations; (ii)re-structuring SLPA, including revision o f legal status, staff reduction and social mitigation plan, development/management of the portís land holdings, establishing financial modeling o f charges and tariffs, completion o f the sale of slipway assets and concessioning of ferry services; and (iii)re-definition o f the port sectors technical and regulatory functions in the context of its overall reform. The project also provides for additional institutional support to be identified during the course o f the project on an as-needed basis.

3. Component C: Freetown International Airport Infrastructure and Management. This includes the rehabilitation and strengthening o f the runway; upgrading the turning loops and taxiway entrances to safely accommodate modern aircraft; and installation and upgrading of the water and electricity supplies for security, sanitation, fire fighting and back-up supplies, plus provision o f new automatic landing and ground/air communications systems. The project also provides support to Sierra Leone Airports Authorityís (SLAA) efforts to increase efficiency and competitiveness, through technical assistance and training.

4. Component D: Project Coordination. To achieve the objectives of the three components above, a Coordination and Monitoring Unit (CMU) has been established to have the overall responsibility of assisting and coordinating the activities of the Implementing Agencies (IAs) of the three sector-based components. The CMU presently includes a project coordinator, financial management and environmental and social safeguard experts.

Over the years procurement has been found to be weak and the need for a proficient Procurement Specialist has become imminent. It is, therefore, intended to engage an individual professional Procurement Specialist to provide services with a view to transfer knowledge to the procurement staff of the IAs over the project period.

3. The Objectives Of The Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to recruit an individual Procurement Specialist to work with the CMU to develop, implement and operate a procurement management system for the project that adheres to the project management information needs and implementation requirements of the IDA/World Bank.


The Procurement Specialist will take overall charge of the projectís procurement management; and conduct the tasks identified below by applying sound technical practices and methods, and collecting and making use of available and necessary data in carrying out the assignment. The consultant shall work in close consultation with the Project Coordinator of the CMU. The consultant is required to train all the IAs procurement staff through hands-on training and mentoring throughout the assignment. The staff should participate in all aspects of procurement tasks progressively taking upon more complex tasks over the project period. The consultant will discuss issues that would affect efficient procurement management with the Project Coordinator and agree on the ways to resolve them.

The Specialist, shall, inter alia, undertake the following:

(a) Review all available project documents to enhance the procurement procedures for the management and implementation of the project already in place;
(b) Establish a procurement management system for the CMU and the IAs, based on the guidelines and procedures for the conduct of procurement under World Bank funded projects, and the government regulations for the procurement of goods, works and services under the Sierra Leone Public Procurement Law;
(c) Set up a simple procurement management tracking system that would monitor the implementation of procurement activities.
(d) Using the World Bankís Standard Bidding Documents, prepare customized Bidding Documents and Request for Proposals (RFP). This should include standardized Forms to be used for International and Local Shopping Methods and conform with Sierra Leone Public Procurement Act.
(e) In consultation with the IAs, prepare and update the Projectís Annual Procurement Plan, detailing contract packages for goods and services, the estimated cost for each package, the procurement or selection methods and processing times till completion of each procurement activity;
(f) Monitor procurement implementation and update the procurement plans prepared at the beginning of the project, for the procurement of goods, and the procurement of consultants services, annually and whenever it becomes necessary to do so;
(g) Prepare the annual General Procurement Notices (GPN), and also Specific Procurement Notices (SPNs), and Expressions of Interest (EOIs) whenever required;
(h) Establish a register of qualified suppliers and consultants and periodically update this register per advertisements and requests for expressions of interest.
(i) In consultation with the IAs, coordinate the preparation of Terms of Reference (TORs) for the preparation of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) on consulting assignments, and Specifications for the preparation of bidding documents for goods activities, using standard documentation agreed with the funding agencies, and also participating in evaluation of expressions of interest for short lists and pre-qualification of suppliers and contractors where necessary;
(j) Initiate the procurement processes, including those for International and Local Competitive Bidding procedures, ensuring compliance with agreed procurement methodsí thresholds, prior review requirements specific to the project, and agreed aggregate threshold amounts for less competitive procurement methods,
(k) Receive bids and participate in bid opening sessions, evaluating goods bids and consultantsí proposals, and ensuring that the appropriate guidelines are followed to arrive at the recommendations for award in favour of suppliers and consultants;
(l) In cases of procurement actions requiring IDA "no objection", ensure quality, coordinate the dispatch of procurement documents to IDA, monitor IDA response time on issuing "no objections" at different levels of the procurement process and follow-up accordingly.
(m) Coordinate the response to the inquiries, and communicate the results of the evaluation process to the applicants, in response to guidelines;
(n) Monitor and ensure timely responses to procurement questions raised by the World Bank. For services, follow-up with the short listed consultants within 10 days of RFP dispatch, to ensure their participation in the selection exercise, including their attendance at pre-proposal conference, as may be required ;
(o) Participate in selection of the Evaluation Panel, and assume the role of the Panelís secretary in recording the minutes of the meetings.
(p) Prepare the minutes of the Evaluation Panel meetings, and also prepare the requests for "no objection", and coordinate arrangements for the negotiation process, where necessary;
(q) Prepare final contracts, and ensure timely distribution of all relevant procurement and contract documents to all stakeholders (Consultants, Suppliers, the World Bank and IAs).
(r) Ensure timely receipt of the Goods and consultantís monthly status reports; confirming acceptability of goods delivered, and also acceptability of consultantsí reports as reviewed, and recommending payments to the services providers, i.e. suppliers and consultants, as they fall due;
(s) Establish a performance monitoring database for all suppliers and consultants, and ensure efficiency and timeliness in the delivery of outputs from the services providers;
(t) Establish and maintain a central procurement filing system, and ensure all related documents are included in the respective files, to ensure ease of retrieval of information and the ease of following the paper trail of procurement by independent external auditors, authorised agents or the World Bank staff during post-procurement reviews (PPRs);
(u) Provide support and training to the various IAs staff involved in the project on the operation of the procedures outlined in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM), and provide training to address: (i) staff weaknesses that may be identified as part of the supervision or, (ii) training needs expressed by the users of the PIM. Basic procurement training will also be provided to members of the tender committee and on how to review bids and proposal evaluation reports, in response to the Public Procurement Law of Sierra Leone; and
(v) Carry out any other relevant periodic duties that may be assigned by the Project Coordinator, from time to time.

Performance Criteria

The following performance criteria will be used to assess the performance of the Procurement Specialist at regular intervals and based upon which the contract with the CMU may be continued or terminated:

∑ Quality and timeliness of procurement management relating to procurement planning for goods and services;
∑ Quality of documentation submitted for prior review
∑ Quality of procurement filing
∑ Quality of documentation submitted during post reviews
∑ Quality and timeliness of monthly and quarterly reports
∑Demonstrated evidence of transfer of knowledge (over the first year of assuming duty) to IAs procurement staff (verified by Project Coordinator):

By the end of year 1, the CMU procurement staff shall demonstrate understanding and abilities in the following:

∑ General Considerations of Procurement
∑ General Consideration for Selection of Consultants
∑ Satisfactorily and timely update of project procurement plan by the IAs procurement staff;
∑ Ability to conduct shopping and understanding of the similar process for shopping for works.
∑ The use of a "Threshold, Procurement Method and Prior Review Tables" based on which procurement methods are selected.
∑ Preparation of EOIs
∑ Preparation of Principles of Selecting Consultants
∑ Principles of Bidding for Goods under ICB and NCB
∑ Principles of Bidding for Works under ICB and NCB
∑ Preparation of SPNs
∑ Satisfactory preparation of Request for Proposals (RFP).

5. Reporting and Time Schedules

5.1 The Specialist will prepare Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual procurement reports as inputs into the Project Management Reports and, in addition, will prepare other reports, as and when needed.


6.1 The Procurement Specialist will have not less than 10 years in international procurement, management of public procurement and project management. Experience in procurement procedures of the World Bank will be required. Educational and professional qualifications will include a masterís degree in Engineering or other relevant discipline and professional qualification in procurement management.

∑ First degree in relevant discipline, e.g. Business law, Engineering, Administration etc. with minimum 8 years post graduate experience in procurement, and contract management in the public sector.
∑ Must have good knowledge of procurement policies and procedures of multilateral financial institutions (e.g. the World Bank) and development co-operation agencies; as well as good knowledge of the institutional, technical, and commercial aspects of procurement.
∑ Must have demonstrated, procurement experience in previous positions (as procurement staff) in an international environment.
∑ Excellent skills in project management demonstrated in previous jobs.
∑ Proven track record in working effectively within multidisciplinary teams.

7.Facilities and Information to Be Provided By the Client

The procurement specialist will work with the procurement staff of the CMU; adequate office furniture and equipment will be assigned to the procurement specialist.

8. Invitation for Expression of Interest

The Infrastructure Development Project (IDP), now invites eligible individual to express their interest in providing the consultancy services. Interested consultants must submit the information showing that they are eligible and qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignment, experience in similar condition, qualification, etc.)

9. Selection of Consultants

A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank guidelines: Selection and employments of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers ĖMay 2004, revised October, 2006.

In assessing submissions, consideration will be given to the Technical competence of the consultant, experience of comparable assignments, managerial capability, and capacity, in all respect, to undertake the assignment. Only consultants with demonstrated experience and good track record in comparable assignment will be considered for short listing.

10. Submission of Expression of Interest

Expression of interest clearly marked "Provision of Technical Assistance (TA) Services to the Infrastructure Development Project in the Area of Procurement Specialist" must be delivered to the address indicated below before 15:00 hours 2nd June 2010.

The Project Coordinator
Infrastructure Development Project
Ministry of Transport & Aviation
7th Floor, East Wing, Youyi Building
Brookfields, Freetown,
Sierra Leone
Tel: 232 22 223293

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