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Last Updated: Apr 15th, 2013 - 13:44:33 
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In Sierra Leone, Kao Denero apologises to the Nation
By Michael T. Kamara
Apr 15, 2013, 12:08
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Popular Sierra Leonean Hip Hop musician, Mr. Amara Denis Turay, aka Kao Denero of the 'Black Leo Crew' has at the weekend apologized to the government of Sierra Leone including the police and all Sierra Leoneans, especially those that were affected and or offended by any statements or comments during his pre-launching rally for his album on the 5th April this year in Freetown.


Apologizing to some victims and the nation as a whole at the meeting organized by United Sierra Leonean on 14 Small Waterloo Street in Freetown, hip hop star, Kao stated, "Foremost, let me reiterate my sincere apology to the people of Sierra Leone, and to all those were one way or the other, affected during my pre-launching rally." He added "I want to sincerely register my deep regret and apologies to both the government and people of this peaceful country who may have been affected by this incident".


He stated further that, he would like to clear the air and make it known that he cannot condone violence or thugs, and that it is most regrettable that it has happened and innocent people have suffered. He said he acknowledged the fact that some of his ill-advised and over zealous fans misbehaved that day and for which he registered his sincere apologies.


"I came from a very humble background. My father was an airport staff and my mother was a local clerk. I was a refugee in neighboring Guinea for several years, I know how difficult life can be for people who are struggling and working hard to meet their basic needs," Kao said, adding, "I would not be a party of any group or activity that will affect the lives of innocent citizens. This ugly situation may have been caused by a small minority of misguided and foolish gangs who infiltrated and hijacked the purpose of our peaceful event."


He said individual act of looting and robbery, resistance to authority and ultimately, violence against persons add up to a system of disregard, which had marginalized too many young people, and that, young people should attune conscience to law and order.


He volunteered that he is going to take a lead to work in close collaboration with victims and the police to chase the gangs and bring them to justice as according to him, he had declared an all-out war on gangs and gang culture. He said it is his goal to bring gangs to justice and that he will also work to transform the mindset of those young people who are unemployed and engaged in criminal activity.


Kao Denero further revealed that he had established a foundation called, "Mama nor dae na hose pikin foundation," to help children from going the wrong way. "Former President Tejan Kabba encouraged the youth to sing, if it can take them off stealing and violence," said Kao adding, "I don't want to run into show making, but to dialogue with victims of the past rally." He disclosed that, he currently has over five Kao Denero 'Facebook' accounts but that he only controls one. The rest, he said, are being controlled by fans who he said, must have uploaded those bad comments against the police, government and many decent citizens making to appear as if it was him using his name.


Prior to his apologetic statement to the nation, three victims including, Alimatu Adama Bangura a trader at Abacha Street, David Sesay Motorbike Riders Union President and a disabled, Mohamed Allicious, gave testimonies of the unfortunate incidents they suffered at the hands of the revelers who were dancing with Kao Denero on that fateful day.

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