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Last Updated: Nov 7th, 2014 - 16:07:19 
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Sierra Leone News : Jamiul Jalil Folding Sleeves Against EBOLA
By Abdul Karim Jalloh
Nov 7, 2014, 17:02
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Jamiul Jalil, the Temne Central Mosque Old Field Street is making true its promise to President Dr. Ernest Bia Koroma by stepping up their activities in the fight against Ebola. This promise was made when they were presenting to the president a cheque of Twenty-Seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand Leones (Le. 27,500,000.00) in contribution towards the fight against Ebola. With funds from their sponsors the Penny Appeal, a non-profit making charitable organization based in the United Kingdom, the Jamaat on the 1st of November, 2014 distributed food and other necessary items, including cartons of soap, confectionaries, condiments and other edible items to quarantined homes and survivors in the Northern Province.

The distribution targeted general households of victims and affected family members of the Ebola in the country. The food distribution started in Mukerie Town at Mammamah and nearby villages in the Koya Chiefdom and extended to the Masimiara Chiefdom all in the Port Loko District. In all, victims and survivors and their families of Mamamah, Kontakumah, Kontaline and Mafufaya villages received the good will gesture in promoting the presidential call for all hands on deck in the Ebola fight.

Recipients put together the food items in front of their houses.


Beneficiaries explained the tough and challenging times they were going through in this trying situation. They expressed thanks and appreciation to Jamiul-Jalil for the implementation on behalf of Penney Appeal, and particularly for the show of empathy in this difficult period by referring to the team as "true brothers and patriotic citizens."


The Honorable Member of Parliament for Constituency 58 in the Masiamiara Chiefdom in the Port Loko District welcomed and accompanied the team in the distribution process across his constituency. He expressed thanks and appreciation to Mr. Machood G. Sesay and the team as he described the gesture as "a good one for his people and timely, especially at a time when people are in need of help." He further highlighted some of the difficulties he is encountering in terms of food items reaching Ebola quarantine areas within his constituency. He was optimistic that the intervention of Jamiul-Jalil would help to ease some of the challenges, especially for the beneficiary villages out of the 32 villages so far quarantined in his constituency.


The MP disclosed that he was not happy with the low key response of certain institutions within his constituency and the manner they were handling food distribution in affected homes. He however said he was hopeful for a quickly intervention. He said there were several aids to the affected communities and his constituents generally. Example of which he said: "Among other things is the ongoing erection of a holding and a treatment center for Ebola victims. He appealed to Mr. Sesay of Jamiul- Jalil and their sponsors for more assistance and on the post Ebola challenges. He concluded by encouraging recipients of the food items to continue to pray for more interventions, especially from Jamiul-Jalil as an implementing partner for Penny Appeal.


Councillor Ibrahim Kamara observed by appreciating Jamiul-Jalil , especially the team that went to distribute the items for a job well done in his chiefdom referring to the donations of the items as " timely". He further opined that, this will help to solve the plight of victims in the chiefdom. He raised concern on the number of orphans in the chiefdom to Mr. Macksood Gibriel Sesay as a result of the Ebola for any possible further assistance for them.  He lauded the brave venture of the team to his chiefdom, by saying "Not everybody will visit quarantined places at this time, but you have made it on humanitarian grounds" he remarked. Earlier, Mr. Bundu, chairman of Jamiul-Jalil youth Development Organization, who conducted interviews with victims, consoled them and further made known the purpose of the donations. He introduced the team in each of the towns visited. Mr. Macksood Gibriel Sesay, the National Coordinator of the project confided that, with coordinated and collaborative efforts from all levels in the country. Ebola will soon be rid of. He stated that reason for Jamiul-Jalil stepping forward as an implementing partner for Penney appeal  to engaged on this mission is because of duty bound and civic responsibility of each and every Sierra Leonean for brothers and sisters in the country. Last week Monday, several food items were distributed to about 35 Ebola discharged patients at the Hastings treatment center in the Western Rural District at a colorful ceremony. The programme was attended by the National C.E.O of the Ebola response center, Retired Major Paolo Conteh, the Minister of Health and Saniation 2, Madam Madina Rahaman and other key state stakeholders. The food distributions will continue throughout this week in the Western Urban for quarantined homes and survivors, and in line to complement efforts of Government and partners in the fight against Ebola virus disease. The Temne Central mosque apart from these, also engaged intensively on spiritual prayers for Allah's divinely intervention for the eradication of the Ebola, sustainable development and peace in our beloved nation.

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