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Last Updated: Feb 15th, 2017 - 16:02:06 
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Sierra Leone News : “I am Not a Killer and I will never be a Killer” Says Hon. Kanu
By Jeneba V. Kabba
Feb 15, 2017, 17:06
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The Member of Parliament from the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) Party representing Constituency 86 in Moyamba district, Hon. Amadu Kanu said he is not a killer and will never be part of killing during his life time in and out of politics.

He made this statement on Tuesday 14 February 2017 during a press conference called by the office of Parliament Clerk and the direct of Information in Parliament to respond to allegations that ‘Politicians Accused of Kidnapping’ in Moyamba district made by one of the Parliamentary Press Gallery Member, Melvin Tejan Mansaray of the Trumpet Newspaper against the MP (Hon. Kanu).


He said he was shuck when he heard the news from his British friends at Hotel 5/10. The said article he said have caused a lot of damage in his life.


He said he has people around him in and out of Sierra Leone and even his constituents will start looking at him differently. He added that the publisher failed to interview him on the issue. “I have not been in Moyamba Township for the past 5 years now”he noted. 


He denied the allegation that he made an attempt to stab the author of the article that was published on Tuesday 15th February, 2017 publication of the Trumpet Newspaper with a front-page caption ‘MP Attempts to ‘Chuk’ Journalist in Parliament’. He called on all journalists to go to Moyamba district (constituency 86) and investigate this matter properly.


Hon. Kanu furthered that the said the article has damaged his image completely and his constituents and other people in the society are looking at him now with different eyes in and out of the country. He said “I have spent many years to build my political career and the Author of this article want to damage everything for me”


Hon. Amadu Kanu promised to take legal actions against the Newspaper and the Author of that article because his article is baseless and lack facts. He maintained that the Trumpet Newspaper need to provide evidence of his investigation.  On a telephone interview with Awareness Times Newspaper to get the side of the author of the said piece who is the Acting Editor of the Trumpet Newspaper, Melvin Tejan Mansaray, told Awareness Times that upon receiving allegations of kidnapping in Moyamba district and the naming of politicians, he called on the MP Hon. Amadu Kanu and put the allegations before him to which he denied of having any knowledge of kidnapping. “I meet him in an open channel and put the allegations to him that this what the people say that a politician is having hands in the kidnapping matter in Moyamba.

Hon. Kanu denied of having knowledge of such, I then asked him of his take on the allegation that his name has been mentioned, he denied and even made some references of which I used in my Friday February 10th 2017 0f the Trumpet Newspaper publication” Melvin Tejan Mansaray continued “on Saturday 11th February, I received a call from Hon. Amadu Kanu who threatened to kill me and ask God for Mercy because I published the story caption ‘Politicians Accused of Kidnapping’. I asked him why are you threatening me sir? he replied that because I have been paid to damage his political career and he will destroyme. I took the matter very serious and I confined on those around me but again, I tried to ignore” Melvin told Awareness Times Newspaper, when he went to Parliament on Monday 13th February, 2017, he was called by Hon. Alhassan Sesay who told him that Hon. Kanu is seriously angry with him (Melivn) and has complained him to them because of his Friday publication. “It seems like Hon. Alhassan Sesay want to strike comprise between us while Hon. Kanu was sited at the other part of the Canteen in Parliament with one Hon. P L Kargbo, a woman that sell mobile credit cards and some other people. Hon. Alhassan Sesay called him (Hon. Amadu Kanu) to settle the impasse between us, Hon. Kanu quickly got angry and made the same threatened remarks to kill me and ask God for Mercy in the presence of all that were present in the canteen. I was trying to explain to others about the issue and how I even spoke to him before I published the article. Hon. Kanu got angry and rushed into the canteen and took a knife to stab me. In the process of him pulling the knife, those around were screaming that please Honourable don’t do that. I was unable to get my recorder and camera to film the scene” he narrated.

He however, told this medium that he has laid an official complain to the Speaker of Parliament, Senior MPs, IGP, SLAJ and the International Community.

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