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Last Updated: Mar 10th, 2017 - 17:17:50 
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Sierra Leone News : Social Welfare Rehabilitates Koindu International Market as it hosts Women’s Jamboree
By Alhaji Fallah (in Kissi Teng)
Mar 10, 2017, 17:04
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There was wild jubilation in Koindu, Kissi Teng when upon the instructions of His Excellency the President, not only was the proposed Koindu International Market cleaned up of all overgrown forests but the water supply system was finally turned on after years of no water in the entire massive market area spanning huge acres.


It can be recalled that in his handing over speech to President Koroma in 2007, the late former President Kabbah had stated:


Senior staff of Social Welfare Ministry Madam Margaret Katta pulling the handle easily to show how easy it was for a woman to bring potable water up


“The National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has already allocated seed money for the construction of a modern international market in Koindu. Your Excellency may wish to pursue this matter further...”


Indeed, President Koroma not only pursued the matter but he actually presided over the building of an even bigger market structure than originally intended by Pa Kabbah.

The Paramount Chief drinking from the water


President Koroma ensured a fantastic solid infrastructure was built within less than three years of taking up office and then he travelled all the way from Freetown to personally hand it over to the Kailahun Local District Government Council.


For whatever reasons, the Kailahun council which is led by the opposition SLPP, upon receipt of the wonderfully built market from the Central government, simply ignored the infrastructure. Instead, over the past 7 to 8 years since it was handed over, a huge forest of trees and grass was allowed to grow and take over the entire acreage virtually covering the massive cement structures.


Hon. Tengbeh and a Section Chief thrilled to wash their hands.


Seeing the importance of the market towards women in that part of the country, last year 2016, the Social Welfare ministry under Hon. Sylvia Blyden has been thinking of ways to get the market operational.


One of the ways has been to draw attention to the existence of the Market by hosting a satellite event on the wings of the International Women’s Day celebrations. So tomorrow Saturday 11th March 2017, women from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone will gather under the distinguished presence of the Social Welfare Minister and join the Kailahun people to celebrate womanhood.

Chiefdom Speaker Fallah Jusu watches as Konio elder puts his hands under the running water.


Yesterday as the advance team of Social Welfare Ministry staff turned on the tap and clean water poured out in that compound for the first time in some 30 years, there was wild jubilation in the town.


According to Paramount Chief Ganawa, Chiefdom Speaker Fallah Jusu and Honourable Sahr Tengbeh, the elected MP for the area whom were all in a jubilant mood, when the market was completed, the water system was indeed dug but never worked. They praised the efforts of Government for rectifying the anomaly. They also praised the dynamic Social Welfare Minister.


Speaking last evening to this writer the Hon. Minister explained that she was merely following the directives of her boss the President.


“The credit really belongs to President Koroma who was very concerned when he found out the market was not being used and the water system was not even working. He directed that the women of that area needed a market to work for them. So all my work in Kissi Teng has been inspired by his keen interest in the people of that area. President Koroma is one person who knows the value of the Kissi people and their neighbours,” the Minister explained.


Awareness Times is informed that tomorrow’s gathering of women from the three countries is going to be very grand. A delegation from Women’s Forum led by their President, Madam Maude Peacock, is going to accompany Hon. Dr. Sylvia Blyden into Kissi Teng. Famous female musician Lynda Samai aka STAR ZERO will also be accompanying Hon. Blyden so as to perform for free at the event.

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