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Last Updated: Mar 20th, 2017 - 12:35:57 
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Sierra Leone News : 17 bullets discovered on Late S.O. Williams’ Corpse
By Bilkisu Barrie & John Koroma
Mar 17, 2017, 17:06
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Third prosecution witness, Detective Police Constable 9381 Samuel Mansaray, testifying before the principal Magistrate of the Freetown Magistrate court No.1, Dr. Abu Bakarr Binneh Kamara, yesterday March 16th 2017, told the court that he is attached to the Crime Writers office as exhibit clerk at the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters in Freetown and that after investigation, 17 bullets were discorvered on the corpse of the late Samuel O. Williams.

He continued that some of his duties include the safe keeping and the registration of all exhibits brought to the station. He added that on Friday February 17, 2017 he was on duty when one detective police constable 12057 Koroma. B. brought in one old shot gun, one old butt, one iron file, one old pouch containing nails, one led bullet collected at the scene, seventeen (17) led bullet recover during post-mortem, rubber substance recover  during post-mortem, one empty AAA shot gun bullet shell, one old white Samsung mobile phone, and other items which he then took possession of and registered them as against serial number 18/2017. He added that the items have been in his custody and he therefore tender or handover to the court to form part of the court evidence which were marked exhibit 1-11. 

The second prosecution witness, Mohamed Thoronka said that the late Retired Brigadier General S.O. Williams is his Uncle and on Thursday December 22 ,2016 around 12 a.m in the morning, the was at home together with Abdulai Barrie watching movies when the Electricity Distribution Supply Authority, power  went off. He added that he closed the main door and went into their room and slept. He continued that he was woke up by some sounds of footsteps and he then move quietly to see what was going on and he added that he saw someone holding a gun standing at the main parlor of the house saying that ‘’He is not here ‘’ and later he heard another person saying ‘’ He is upstairs’’. He furthered that suddenly he heard some foot- steps at the stairs and he ran into his room quickly and he later heard a loud bang on the door of the late Retired Lieutenant General S.O. Williams. He added that few minutes later, a gun shot was fired in the room of the deceased and he heard foot step and he look for his mobile phone to alert people about the incident but he did not see it and woke up Abdulai Barrie and told him that thieves have stormed the house and taken away their mobile phones. He went on that Abdulai Barrie also looked for his mobile phone but he did not see it. He added that together with Abdulai Barrie they went to check for the late S.O Williams and when they reached they knocked and shouted his name but he did not respond.


Mohamed Thoronka also disclosed that together with Abdulai Barrie they went and call one Mr. Kabba who came together with them to the house and when they reached Mr .Kabba pointed his touch light and they saw blood from the stairs to the late S.O. Williams room.  He added that when they get into the room of the deceased lying dead .He continued that they alerted family members of the incident and he later went to the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters at pademba road and reported the matter.


Magistrate Dr. Abu Bakarr Binneh Kamara, after hearing this testimony remanded the accused person to the Pademba Road Male Correctional Center in Freetown until Thursday March 23 ,2017 when the matter will comes up again.

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