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Sierra Leone News : As Elections Date Announced… New Political Parties Begins to Emerge
By Sallieu Specks Sillah
Feb 17, 2017, 17:04

Following the announcement of the date for elections, which is slated for March 7th 2018, assual new political parties have started to surface in the democratic process of the country. One of the new parties that have just received its final registration certificate from the Political Parties Registration Commission is the National Progressive Democrat Party (NPDP).The Vice Chairman of the Party, Randy Williams said the party had been on the process of registering as a political party since 2013, and that is was on Tuesday 14th February 2017, that the final certificate of registration was issued to them.


He furthered that the interim leader of the party is Alimamy Sillah whom he said is seasoned administrator, one time Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission and had worked as Administrative Officer in the United Nations system.


He furthered that the interim chairman is presently in the United States of America mobilizing support from Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora and international donors who will support the party financially.

He continued that the party had established offices in all the four regions of the country and in some district headquarter towns.


Furthermore, he said they will be holding their first convention within two months period and that the convention will be open to all members without preference to those from the Diaspora even if they are the highest financial contributor to the party.


When asked if his party will not behave like other parties that we just see  during elections, and after elections they cease to exist as a political party.


He boasted that their party is a national party that does not relied on regional or tribal support and that they will establish offices in other smaller towns to strengthen their national support.


He concluded by stating that within this  short period of receiving their registration certificate they can boast of having over 15.000 registered members and there are more to come, as different  groups within  the country have personally called to inform him of their desire to become registered members of the party. 

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